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We’d like to congratulate and welcome you to Poochie Play LLC, Where Dogs Prefer to Play and Stay!

We know how sad it feels to wonder about and worry over what your precious pup is up to while you are at work and away from home. We are aware of the guilt that weighs upon your head and shoulders like a giant sandstone hanging from your neck for leaving your favorite family member home alone all day.

Poochie Play, LLC: 

ffers unique and economical solutions to these challenges.  In these pressure-packed and time-crunched busy lives we lead, it often seems that there is no alternative to neglecting your prized pooch... Maybe you are simply flat-out too tired to frolic with your pet after a hard day. "Where Dogs Prefer to Play and Stay, is the answer to you and your pup's prayers!

We know that dogs are social by nature and thrive in a pack environment. Our main goal at Poochie Play, LLC is to provide your dog with safe, clean fun. We cultivate an atmosphere that is conducive with play and lots of interaction to increase their social skills, offer an off-leash area to exercise and give hours of expertly supervised play to stimulate their minds.

Poochie Play, LLC: 

Is supervised by a caring, well-trained and attentive staff. Our doggie daycare is a wonderful alternative to your dog being subjected to the boredom and depression of being left at home alone.

After a fun day of playing and being among many furry friends, you can pick up your tuckered-out pup, or, if you are away, we will feed your best friend some dinner, and then we will tuck him or her snugly into bed for the night in our comfortable, climate- controlled kennel area.  On average, it is not a pretty scene or future for the typical doggie at home alone, sadly staring out a window, sadly staring out a window.  

Your dog(s) is a family member, to be loved by you and for him or her to love you back. So naturally, you want only what is best for your family. It is easy to say that we at Poochie Play, LLC care about your family and your dogs.

We care:

And, we will always strive to go beyond what is expected and provide our guests with full, fun and gratifying, restful visits.  At Poochie Play, LLC, you and your dog’s satisfaction are guaranteed!

Drop off time begins at 6:30 a.m. We will provide your dog with a midday snack and we close for naptime from 12:00p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Pick-up time is by 6:00 p.m. If you are unable to pick up your dog by 6 p.m. please call us and we will be happy to board him or her for the night.  We look forward to meeting you and making your pooch our special and respected guest!


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